The Fountain Wars

Remember when the Herald waxed indignant about the dessicated state of Boston's fountains?

Well, now the Globe is waxing indignant, too--over the fact that 9 of the city's 24 fountains waste lots of water!!!!!

There are two things I really like about the Globe story. First, instead of sulking after the Herald established early supremacy on the fountain beat, the Globe found a new angle and ran with it.

Second, Globe reporter Donovan Slack's description of how one woman on the street reacted to the aformentioned disturbing news about Boston's wasteful fountains is priceless:

At the Public Garden, many admirers this week said they were surprised the fountains do not re use water.

"They don't recycle it?" asked Donna Francis, a visibly stunned visitor from North Carolina admiring Bagherra on Monday [emph. added].

Now, ponder this: if Boston only had one daily, one or both of these fountain exposes might never have been written.

I'll close with a question. When Slack calls Menino a "self-described 'nut for fountains,'" is she quoting Herald reporter Michele McPhee, who used the same quote in the Herald's earlier piece? I suppose that if Menino really is a "nut for fountains," he's probably used the phrase on more than one occasions. But if Slack got that chestnut from McPhee, I'd say the Herald should be credited.

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