Herald drops Sox suite, still supports team

If I were a recently jobless Herald alum--or part of the skeleton crew currently putting out the paper--I wouldn't be able to get this nugget from today's Globe story on Fenway luxury suites out of my head:
[T]he average Fenway Park suite is being leased at about $283,000 per season with a 10-year minimum, Kennedy said. That’s an increase from the $218,000 per-year average cost of a suite last year, which came with only a three-year commitment.... [emph. added]

There is a waiting list of about 15 companies who want suites at Fenway Park, a list that got no shorter even after the Red Sox hiked the price of their suites. Only one suite owner, the Boston Herald, chose not to renew under the new terms, Kennedy said. A deal has yet to be signed for that suite, Kennedy said.

"Given the current state of economic affairs for newspapers across this country, who are being forced to tighten their belts, it seemed like a prudent business decision. It’s got nothing at all to do with our love for the Red Sox,’’ said Herald spokesman George Regan.

Better late then never, I guess.

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