Finneran's debut underwhelms--updated!

Here's my take: WRKO's new A.M. drive-time host was overly deferential to his guests (Terry McAuliffe) and co-hosts (Joe Sciacca and Holly Robichaud). And he talked too much.

For example: just before 9, a guy called up and said, basically, I never thought I'd be calling in to Tom Finneran, but here I am, and I like the discussion you're having about Iraq. Finneran responded with a long soliloquy: We're all entitled to an epiphany moment, I spent 26 years in the Massachusetts legislature, I was the most conservative Democrat ever, blah blah blah. Then he tried to bring the caller into the conversation--but he'd hung up.*

That said, Finneran must have had some opening-morning jitters, and I'm sure he'll improve with time.

Also, note that the show is now the "Finneran's Forum" rather than the "Finneran Factor." My hunch is that a Bill O'Reilly emissary contacted Entercom after the latter title was announced last week and gently suggested a name change.

[UPDATE: according to the Herald's Jessica Heslam, WRKO bigwig Jason Wolfe says "Finneran's Forum" "has always been the name" (Heslam's words, apparently). Of course, Wolfe is the same guy who called ex-RKO host John DePetro's "Fag Matt" quip an example of "racial intolerance."]

What say you, the listening public?

*NOTE: As o-fish-1 noted at Dan Kennedy's blog, the caller may have been released by Finneran's producer. Oafish One, bring your insight over here sometime! Also at Dan's blog, Peter Porcupine neatly captures Finneran's affinity for repition:
"The only thing [I] noticed was a verbal tic, which he's had for years - when asking [Scott] Brown about the studens who posted the obscene messages, he said, "Was any of a them a woman, a girl, a female?" (Pick ONE, Tom!) He repeats himslf like that regularly when nervous." Nice observation, Peter.
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