Union tumult at the Globe

With Globe employees scheduled to vote on a new contract tomorrow, tensions between union leadership and rank-and-file employees seem to be extremely high. Case in point: this email from former Boston Newspaper Guild vice president Mary Corbett, which has been in heavy circulation for the last couple days and does everything but accuse the current union board (which has urged members to approve the contract in question) of bad faith. Read on.


From a former BNG VP and 15 year delegate, in all good conscience I cannot remain silent regarding the proposed contract and upcoming vote.  Although I no longer hold an active role, my commitment to your future is based in the historic efforts and passion of a strong union legacy

Let no one  be fooled into thinking the new language in the contract for outside sales will not be imposed for inside sales. This is the way the New York Times will be able to get rid of Grandfather'd people, this will also be the new criteria for every department.

They said on the last contract that they wanted extensive outsourcing language but would not use it, but guess what , they did use it on the maintenance dept. and guess what they will use the new advertising language on you, you and you.

There is nothing in that contract to vote yes for. When the board tells you they have lost nothing think again, they have given up multi tasking for newsroom people,  for 37 Boston.Com people who are now refusing to join the union because of being used as a bargaining chip in negotiations. The board gave up multi tasking for nothing, we already had Boston  com ready to sign and the company knew it.  How about they got revenue 1st - they will never get a true revenue number, just like they never could for advertising, you will never see it because you are signing for a no raise contract -  and who in 4 years will benefit from it, EVERYONE?

How about your health care, there's another plus!!!!!!!!  The company told the board they wanted the contract done by the end of August and well - the board did it for them and they came back signing a Tentative Agreement without taking it to the membership first - because the company told them they would not allow the time!  Since when is there a time limit set by the company? And how strong does the board look agreeing to it? When the tentative agreement was voted down, a few days later they came back with another great contract for you, take another look.

I worked long and hard on that last negotiations and was the only one to vote NO on the outsourcing, the rest of the board - which is the same board now except STEVE RICHARDS WAS PRESIDENT  - and wanted the contract negotiations done, - I KNOW BECAUSE I WAS THERE. I NEVER LIED TO THE MEMBERSHIP AND I WON'T START NOW. YOU CAN GET A MUCH BETTER CONTRACT, SEND THEM BACK TO THE TABLE.

Yours in solidarity, Mary Corbett, previous VP.

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