Bernie and Bryant

Okay, so Bernard Goldberg  has had himself a nice career going around pointing out all the excesses of the nation's liberally tainted media in such subtly titled tomes as  "Bias" And "Arrogance." It's not exactly a unique line of work, but it helps pay the bills.

So here's my question. How can Goldberg continue to draw a paycheck from HBO's "Real Sports" which is anchored by one of the conservatives' ripest targets, Byant Gumbel, after Gumbel created a major controversy with his recent trashing of the Winter Olympics and his famous reference to "a paucity of blacks that makes the Winter Games look like a GOP convention?" (Given the lack of real sports news and the listless Olympics, sports talk radio has jumped all over the subject.)

This is the statement released by Brent Bozell, the president of the Media Research Center, which like Goldberg, is kept busy sniffing out so-called liberal bias in the media:

What if Gumbel had said ‘a paucity of whites makes the NBA look like a Democratic convention?’ Rush Limbaugh was roundly denounced by the media when he made allegedly racist remarks about a football player. So where are the media condemnations now against Gumbel?

“Judging people by race is just plain wrong. Will HBO have the temerity to – at a minimum – publicly reprimand Gumbel for his racist statements or will they cower to a has-been who has proven he can’t hold a job in network news?”

Several years ago, when I asked Goldberg about working with Gumbel, he said: "Whatever he thinks about any issue doesn't affect `Real Sports.' "

You gotta wonder if Bernie's become a poster boy for situational ethics.

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