Updated Numbers on the Good Globe Miner Story

The Globe now reliably informs Media Blog that it managed to publish at least 145,000 papers with the corrected account of what happened in that mine in West Virginia.  

Addendum -- From editor Marty Baron, here's the latest Globe tally on today's front page miner story. (I had gotten headline #2 delivered to my house this morning.)  

1) 147,000 copies had the final, conclusive, correct story with the headline "Jubilation, then horror...After being told 12 miners safe, families learn only 1 survived."

2) Only 7,000 had the unhedged "Jubilation in W. Va.... 12 miners found alive deep in mine after harrowing wait."

3) Other papers were the earliest two editions "Body of one miner recovered" or the third edition's highly hedged "12 miners reportedly found alive."

4) 30,000 papers with the old, incorrect news were set aside for destruction when it became known the 12 had died.


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