Ho Ho Hokum

The lefty press scrutinizer Media Matters for America has some big numbers on the Fox News Channel's "Grinch Who Stole Christmas" coverage of the so-called secular, liberal attack on Christianity during this holiday season.

While I don't doubt that the folks at the "Fair & Balanced" cable newsie have been flogging this story to death, they're not the only ones guilty of once again hauling out this tired seasonal whine.

It's a sign of how successful conservatives have been in their war on so-called "political correctness" (sometimes also known as civility, respect and decency) that they are now left to chew on the dregs - the overarching fear that the use of the term "holiday season" means the heathens, pagans, and dreaded secular humanists are taking us all to hell in a handbasket.

In my book, the wall between church and state in this country has never been shakier, what with the overt religiosity of a White House that finds it necessary to tout Harriet Miers's evangelical Christianity as a signal to the faithful that she's A-ok. Anybody wondering about the power of the religious right these days should take a gander at Tom Brokaw's documentary "In God They Trust."

This so-called assault on Christmas is a piece of political propaganda and one of the great non-stories in American "journalism."
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