Listen: Jonathan @Zittrain's ROFLCon III Keynote Memegasm

Photo via MIT Civic Media Blog

As we mentioned in this week's paper, this year's ROFLCon isn't just an advice animal petting zoo. It's also attracting some of the world's smartest thinkers about internet culture. At the top of the pile is JONATHAN ZITTRAIN, founder and leader of Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, author of The Future of the Internet And How To Stop It, who is not only extraordinarily smart but also exceptionally funny. This talk won't be as LOLztacular without the slides -- but we suspect you'll be able to follow along fine . . . at least until the YouTube goes up. Discussed: the internet and the things it makes, why nerds are like 3 Wolf Moon, 4Chan, Disaster Girl, a really interesting idea for using something like robots.txt for opting out of becoming a meme, Oink, "tide goes in, tide goes out," CS Lewis, how to act when in the presence of all of the key actors from Star Trek The Next Generation. For a companion live-blog and a smattering of slides, see the MIT Civic Media Blog.

LISTEN: Jonathan Zittrain ROFLCon III Keynote Speech [Download]

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