The Top Five Reasons You Should Be Upset You Are Not Going to Comic Con

Comic Con 2011 begins today in San Diego, as if every nerd were not already painfully (or joyfully, if attending) aware. Laser Orgy is here to rub salt into the wound by reminding our readers and ourselves of all the amazing things we are missing. Thankfully it won't be too bad: everything will eventually leak to the Internet in the week to come, so consider the list of awesome things we will miss for now but experience vicariously with the help of the shaky cameras smuggled in under the jackets of front-row daredevils.

A full list of events can be found here, but we've highlighted the ones that will really drive you into a jealous rage.

5. The Comic Con Camaraderie (ComConCam?)

Okay, so this is one we can't experience with the help of cameras. People make friends at Comic Con-they bond over similar costumes ("I thought I would be the only Steampunk Sarah Palin!") similar interests ("Captain Picard/Fifth Doctor is my favourite slash-shipping! We should collab on a fanfiction some time!") or similar placement in the very long lines. As anyone who's ever been to a Con can tell you, nothing beats the bonding.

4. Video Games

Yes, E3 did just happen, but that does not mean that the gaming industry will not have a few shiny things to dangle in front of the hordes in San Diego. Capcom is hosting a Saturday panel on the newest installation of their popular Marvel vs Capcom series. There will be looks into the most highly-anticipated games of the year like Gears of War 3, PS3's Journey, and Batman: Arkham City. Resident Evil will celebrate its fifteenth birthday with a roundup panel, and Zelda will celebrate the first playable demo of Skyward Sword.

3. Comics

This one might sound a bit "duh," but recently Comic Con has become less about the comics and more about the movies-some of which are based on comic books, maybe. But the purists still have plenty to be psyched about. Joss Whedon is on hand to discuss plans for Dark Horse and Buffy Season 9. Marvel's Fear Itself plotline is ongoing, and X-Man is revamping with Schism. But DC might be stealing the show this time around: this fall, they're overhauling their entire superhero line, and there are plenty of panels about it.

2. Movies

The list of movies making an appearance this year is less about what's going to be making an appearance and more about what isn't. Buzzworthy titles like The Hunger Games, John Carter, The Hobbit, Man of Steel, The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers are all conspicuously absent. But it's not as if there will be no movies around. Cowboys and Aliens is screening off-site. Garth Ennis (the man behind Preacher) is bringing his highly-anticipated short-film Stitched. Guillermo Del Toro is hosting a panel on Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. Spielberg's bringing Tintin. The cast of Twilight is having a panel, but we're not sure that's a good thing.

The Amazing Spiderman is the biggest thing swinging in to San Diego. Its trailer leaked onto the web today, generating even more buzz for this highly-anticipated reboot staring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. There will be a panel, a contest, and hopefully footage beyond the teaser from earlier this week.

1. TV

Maybe it's because of the void left behind by movie absences, or maybe it's because of all the awesome new shows and seasons on tap. But this year has been called the Year of TV at Comic Con. There will be screenings of new shows like Locke & Key (which was, woefully, not picked up), Alcatraz, Person of Interest and The River, plus panels on new shows like the next installment of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ringer and Once Upon a Time.

Other noteworthy panels include True Blood, Community, Glee, Chuck, and Supernatural. Doctor Who is making an appearance at Comic Con for the first time since the launch of its new series, and Game of Thrones will feature a panel by none other than George R. R. Martin, the author of the book series on which the acclaimed show is based.

Complete lists of TV panels and events can be found here, and brace yourselves, because there are a lot of them.

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