The Week in Geek, March 7-14: Heavy Metal, PAX frenzy, and the gothpocalypse

My forecast: high chance of coolness all week in the MIT area, with a lull Wednesday and Thursday to get ready for an action-packed weekend of goth nights, video games, and movie screenings.

Be sure to get tickets to PAX East soon -- time is running out fast. Also, if you've ever heard of a little thing called Lord of the Rings, the Conference On Middle-Earth is revived and happening March 26. Get your tickets now for this epic event. Oh, but wait -- that's the same weekend as the Steampunk Convention! Decisions, decisions.

MONDAY 3.7.11

[talk] Anton Zeilinger @ Harvard Book Store
The pioneer of quantum physics is promoting his new book, where he examines the history of Entanglement and the experiments he's performed to make "spooky action at a distance" less hypothetical. This guy knows how teleportation works. Need I say more? 7pm.

[art] Laurent Grasso @ MIT
Marcel Duchamp Prize winner Laurent Grasso's work examines the intersection of technology and communications with art, and he'll be at MIT to discuss his ideas and processes. He uses film and cameras to blur the line between reality and documentary fiction. Free, 7-9pm, part of MIT's spring lecture series on arts and science.

[talk] Alexis Ohanian @ MIT
Also at MIT tonight is the co-founder, and internet Donald Trump, speaking to the MIT Startup Club. 7pm in room 32-141.

TUESDAY 3.8.11

[talk] Purple Blurb @ MIT
How do these things called computers affect visual and literary art forms? Good question. Let's ask the President of RISD, the curator of Drawing with Code, an artist of that exhibit, a professor from Brown, and a professor from the MIT Media Lab. Or, why not have them all talk about it together and we'll just listen and learn. Free, 7-9pm.


[film] MOON @ Brattle Theatre
David Bowie's son's directorial debut is a chilling exploration of an astronaut-miner's existential meltdown while living on the dark side of the moon. Sam Rockwell gives the performance of a lifetime, supported by himself, and Kevin Spacey as the voice of his HAL-ish robot-frenemy. This is not your average Hollywood sci-fi. Part of Brattle Theatre's continuing "Mental Machines" series, screens at 5:30pm, 7:30pm, and 9:30pm.

THURSDAY 3.10.11

[gaming + film] Rock Band Night @ Brattle Theatre
"A prequel of sorts to the absurdly popular PAX East convention," local game studio Harmonix brings you an evening of ersatz shredding, presided over by a panel of judges from Kicking things off is a screening of Heavy Metal -- the American animated classic was one of the last in a generation of hokey animation, and first in a generation of adult-ness. Violence, sex, and rock & roll. And John Candy. 7pm.

[music] Fagettes + Spirit Kid + Andy Maher Candy Bar @ Great Scott
Harmonix continues its pre-PAX blitzkrieg across the river with HMX allies Andy Maher Candy Bar, the Fagettes, and Spirit Kid, while Robotkid (aka Harmonix creative director Josh Randall) VJs you into submission. 9pm.

FRIDAY 3.11.11

[comics] Comics, Manga & Co.  @ Goethe Institut Boston
Opening day of the new exhibition on avant-garde comic books in East Berlin! Two weeks only!

[gaming] PAX East @ Boston Convention Center
The Penny Arcade Expo brings lectures, demos, tournaments and concerts to the Boston Convention Center to celebrate gaming culture. Expect discourse on video games and comic books and the institutions they can/will impact. (Speaking of, Maddy Myers just wrote an awesome article that dissects the still-raw drama that rocked Penny Arcade recently.) Get your tickets, it looks like everything is sold out except Sunday, so maybe try a third-party retailer (which they don't entirely dis-recommend).

[film] The Friends of Eddie Coyle @ Somerville Theatre
Best Boston movie ever? Could be. Check out this old-school Steve McQueen flick at the Somerville Theatre and find out. Screening all weekend at 3pm, 5:30pm, 7:45pm, and 10pm.

[comedy] Juggle Mania @ MIT
Need a more uplifting evening out? Check out this comedy via juggling extravaganza, presented by MIT's Juggling Club, featuring Peter Panic and the Airborne Comedians. 7-8:30pm.

[film] Battlestar Galactica Miniseries @ Brattle Theatre
Edward James Olmos meets L. Ron Hubbard! Check out this most epic of reboots at the Brattle. 7:30pm.

[club] X-Mortis apocalypse @ TT the Bear's
Get out the Mad Max VHS for some costume ideas, cause X-Mortis is throwing a Post-Apocalyptic party at TT the Bear's this Friday featuring Boston-goth mainstay DJ Chris Ewens. Polish up your gas masks and plague cloaks, kids -- there's swag for the best costume! 9pm-2am.

SATURDAY 3.12.11

[film] Gone With the Pope @ Coolidge Corner Theatre
Pope'n ain't easy... especially if you're the kind of Pope who gets kidnapped by a bunch of ‘70s thugs who plan to ransom every Catholic in the world. This recently ehxhumed 1976 exploitation has more filth, gore, and woolly T&A than you can shake a pointy hat at. Kiss the ring at midnight.

SUNDAY 3.13.11

[film] A.I. & Minority Report @ Brattle Theatre
How could the Brattle do a series about the insanity of pre-Singularity society starting to recognize what lies ahead without showing the unbelievably creepy A.I.? Or cap off a nice Sunday afternoon with Tom Cruise's best movie (except for maybe, Vanilla Sky, which wouldn't exactly be out of place in this series, either), Minority Report. AI at 3pm; MR at 9pm.

[music] KODO @ Symphony Hall
Legendary Japanese drumming troupe brings the bash to Symphony Hall. Here's what to expect. 4pm.


MONDAY, 3.14

[geek orthodox holiday] Pi Day @ Everywhere
In its third year of being an official holiday, Pi Day is back -- and even more infinite than ever.

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