The Week in Geek 2.28.11 - 3.7.11: Bees, Beer, Bullitts, Boffers and Mecha-Warfare

THE WEEK IN GEEK: Now with 100% more shockingly bad CGI dragons!

It's time for another Week in Geek: a rundown of cool stuff to do for Bostonians who like to keep it nerdy.

MONDAY, 2.28.11

Michael Showalter @ Brighton Music Hall
If you've ever seen Stella, then you know you obviously need to check this out. If you haven't seen Stella, maybe you've seen the Michael Showalter Showalter.

GCW WWE Monday Night League @ Game Underground
Looking for someone to watch some SmackDown with? Well, Framingham's resident gaming haven has got you covered. Does anyone remember ever finding out what The Rock was cooking? (I was always too afraid to ask, in fear of the off-chance I'd end up getting a People's Elbow to the chest.)

TUESDAY, 3.1.11

Daniel Drezner @ Harvard Coop
The Professor of International Politics at Tufts' Fletcher School of Diplomacy takes a break from the academia, and discusses his new book Theories of International Politics and Zombies, a serious look at how governments can prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse. 7pm.

Notch Releases 2 New Beers @ The Lower Depths
Notch Celebrates its new American Pale Ale and Czeck-style Pilsner by throwing a party at The Lower Depths on Commonwealth. Henceforth, beer geeks will be known as beeks. Put down that Heineken and get a real beer!

Pub Quiz @ PJ Ryan's
Every Tuesday at 10pm PJ Ryan's in Teele Square hosts a pub quiz! Be careful, though, MIT grads tend to live nearby and royally own you at being smart.


Mike & Chris' Night of Sick & Twisted Horror @ Somerville Theatre
THE TAINT: "The film comes at you like a three headed superbeast consisting of John Waters, David Cronenberg and Herschell Gordon Lewis." The trailer is just as brutal as that sounds. 8pm.

Bullitt @ Brattle Theatre
Check out screen legend Steve McQueen's defining role, as it was meant to be seen: projected onto a huge screen. Car chases for the win! 10pm.

THURSDAY, 3.3.11

Double Feature Anime Extravaganza: Evangelion 1.0 + 2.0 @ Brattle Theatre
Brattle is screening this gem from the juggernaut anime franchise as a two-day double feature, starting Friday (1.0 screens solo on Thursday). Don't miss out a single clash between the ultra-powerful Eva robots and the logic-defyingly scary Angels. Screens Thursday-Saturday.

Spelling Bee @ The Bleacher Bar
Do you know how to spell "numbnut"? If you didn't, now you do. Head down to Bleacher Bar to win sweet prizes at their weekly spelling bee. Namely Red Sox tickets and ski trips ... whoa. 8pm.

FRIDAY, 3.4.11

Intercon K Karma @ Westin, Waltham
This is the Boston area's longest-running LARP convention, as in, Live Action Role Playing. If this is your bag, then you probably already knew about this happening. Get your boffers ready for games ranging from space battles to sand-dune warfare, and one speed-dating event, of course. Newcomers welcome! Kicks off Friday night.

Board Games @ MIT
Don't forget Friday's Public Board Games Night at MIT presented by the MIT Strategic Gaming Society!

SATURDAY, 3.5.11

Festival of Art, Science, and Technology @ MIT
Researchers pioneering in cross-over fields between visual and aural media and neurolinguistics present a groundbreaking festival exploring how the brain connects language with sound and vision. FAST promises a "12-hour boundary-busting event," including lectures, performances, discussions -- and it's free. 11am-8pm.

Robots & Beyond @ MIT Museum
As long as you're in the MIT neighbohood, check out the world of Artificial Intelligence at the MIT Museum. February saw the homecoming of MIT's famous AI experiment "Cog," who's been on tour for over 7 years. Boy, times have changed since he first stepped out. We now have magic Star Trek gizmos! And flying cars! And the worst blog redesign mankind has ever seen!

Warhammer Fantasy Singles @ Pandemonium Books & Games
It's hammer time! 11 am.

Boston Iditarod @ Asgard
Shopping cart foot race costume party pub crawl -- and it's all for charity. Time to get serious about having a good time and doing good things for good people. By going apeshit with shopping carts.

Alloy Orchestra + Metropolis @ Somerville Theatre
Live performance of Alloy Orchestra's world famous original score to Fritz Lang's masterpiece of silent film. This new screening features 25 minutes of recovered footage never before released. 8pm.

SUNDAY, 3.6.11

2001: A Space Odyssey @ Brattle Theatre
WTF? Can this really be happening? Besides being the best movie ever, I'm convinced it actually has a lot to do with Singularity. Part of a series the Brattle is running on Mental Machines to celebrates Tod Machover's robot opera Death and the Powers, which comes to the ART on March 18. More on that later.

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