The Week in Geek! 2.14.11 - 2.18.11


The Week in Geek 02.14 - 02.18: [Valentine's Day week if you haven't been outside in like 1500 years]

Hark ye geeks, and discover Laser Orgy's newest feature: The Week In Geek, a regular listing of geeky-awesome events in Boston. So next time you're overfull of Cheetos and bored of launching rockets at Nazi zombies, you can check this blog right here and find out what kind of dorky events are going on in the Boston area, whether it be sci-fi cons, steampunk museum exhibits, something to do with video games or lectures on Singularity. Round 1! Ready? Go!

MONDAY, 2.14.11

"Watson on Jeopardy! : The Turing Test Breaks the 4th Wall" @ MIT
Watson, the IBM supercomputer you may have heard about, begins his 3-night Jeopardy! takeover at 7:30pm on WBZ-TV. MIT will host Dr. David Gondek, who helped develop this Frankenstein-machine, for a talk on Artificial Intelligence, and viewing party, starting at 6pm. Check that out here.

"STAR WRECK- IN THE PIRKINNING": US Premiere @ Somerville Theatre
Part of the ongoing Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival being held at the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square, Star Wreck is a Finnish-made, "satirical space comedy," involving a Captain Pirk, time-travel, and absolutely no reminders that today is Valentine's Day, which may be a good thing. Screening at 7:30pm, check the official Pirkinning website out here.

Amelie & Triplets of Belleville Double Feature @ Somerville Theatre
Easily two of the most imaginative, feel-good movies of the past decade, starting at 7:30.

Steampunk:  Form and Function @ Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation
The "Steampunk: Form and Function" exhibit at the CRMII continues in Waltham this week, offering a variety of anachronistic delights, such as watches and trains. Check the website out for more information here!

TUESDAY, 2.15.11

The Wild World of Ted V. Mikels @ Somerville Theatre
Boston Sci-Fi screens The Wild World of Ted V. Mikels, the documentary of esteemed grindhouse director, narrated by John Waters. 730pm.

HYPOTHESIS @ Midway Cafe
Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain presents HYPOTHESIS, their monthly scientist-cabaret show. This month's theme is awfully fitting: Man vs. Robot. Check that out here.

WEDNESDAY, 2.16.11

Ladies of Horror Indie Night Presents: "Fugue" @ Somerville Theatre
Recognizing the brilliant women directing terrifying movies in the genre-business this month, screens Barbara Stepansky's "Fugue", as well as scary short films, starting at 8pm!

THURSDAY, 2.17.11

Baths @ Brighton Music Hall
Renowned electronic-computer-music-nerd Baths comes to the Brighton Music Hall, and shows off his Ableton-producing prowess. Unwind to his chillness, and his utter geekiness.

From Elsinore to Monkey Island: Theatre & Videogames as Performance Activities @ MIT
How and why do we buy into the reality of a play and a movie the same way we buy into the reality of a videogame? To game or not to Game is the question in a colloquium on the dramatic elements of gaming as performance art "From Elsinore to Monkey Island", starting at 5pm.

Deborah Harkness' "A Discovery of Witches" @ Brookline Booksmith

The author discusses her wicked new novel, a foray into fiction via witches, demons, and other fantastically fun occult things. 7pm.

Intro to Metalwork @ Magma Metalworks
In the off-chance you've been trying to forge your own sword: In Beverly, MA, Magma Metalworks kicks-off a 3-Thursday workshop for beginning metallurgy.

FRIDAY, 2.18.11

Public Board Games Night @ MIT

MIT's Strategic Gaming Society presents its public board games night from 730-11pm. Come down and play some Settlers of Catan (maybe show off your new laser cut board)!

MANIAC After Midnite @ Coolidge Corner Theater
Coolidge Corner's After Midnite series brings you the notoriously disgusting, "sick and dirty" horror MANIAC, with an in-theatre appearance by the director William Lustig. Should be a bloody good time, starting at... midnight!

** BOSKONE 48 @ Boston Westin Waterfront **
This weekend Boskone 48 comes to the Boston Westin Waterfront, for a weekend packed with vampires, light sabers demos, anime screenings, author panels and expert discussions of all sorts of sci-fi fantasy convention excellence. This year features special guest, Charlaine Harris, the writer of the original True Blood books. Boskone launches at 8pm Friday with a True Bloog party to honor "THE MAKER" at the Fangtasia Bar in the Westin, and continues until Sunday afternoon. Check the schedule because there is really some awesome stuff happening.

Aaaaanddddd.... On Sunday the Boston Sci-Fi Festival wraps, with a 24-hour marathon of movies. The Omni Hotel hosts Miss Boston 2011.... Just kidding. You probably don't want to go to that.  Keep an eye on The Phoenix's Event Listings for Geek Events for more stuff going on!

Now for some fireworks to celebrate the first of many editions of this wonderful post!

If you've got any geek-related events you'd like us to post, contact us! Follow us on Twitter @LaserOrgy! Follow our RSS feed! Tell your friends! 

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