Welcome to the future

If you've been paying attention, you might have noticed by now that the Phoenix staff has been infiltrated by nerds at the highest levels. And as nerds, and Bostonians, we realized that we all remembered reading the same book in our geeky youth: Future Boston, a 1990s anthology written by local sf writers, which mapped out a timeline for the city's next 100 years. 

We decided to take this idea and built an issue around it. After all, robots are already vaccuuming our floors, electric cars are roaming our streets, and cats are getting $30-million grants. We figured we'd better write about the future before there wasn't any left.

To do it, we collaborated with some of the original FuBos writers as well as the Boston Comics Roundtable; looked back to past visions of Boston's future; and pumped local experts for their current predictions.

 Thus, we present to you -- BOSTON . . . OF THE FUTURE

Enjoy, and don't forget to charge your personal jetpack.
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