Caprica, we barely knew ye

Ok, I have this rule for science fiction television: if your aliens/robots don't use contractions, I can't be bothered to watch your show. I have simply seen enough nonhumans asking "What is this love of which you speak?" to last me a lifetime.

That's why watching Caprica has been such a pleasure. The complexity of the characters, the sheer beauty of the cinematography and editing, the worldbuilding, the clever and evocative scores by Bear McCreary - it was a relief to watch something so well-made, especially after trying to prop my eyes open during shit like The Event.

All of these elements were also present in Caprica's predecessor, Battlestar Galactica (and were part of the reason I once considered changing my name to S.I. Galactibaum). But no one watched Caprica. Even I wasn't as excited about it. This is because it lacked two things that Battlestar had: action, and likable characters.

As fascinating as it was to watch Caprica unfold, it wasn't as if anyone was about to get killed every week. And without any characters like Commander William Adama - one of the most complex but deeply good characters on television, gratis Edward James Olmos - there wasn't really anyone to root for.

I guess that's why it's been cancelled.

It's a sad day. I understand why, but at the same time, this leaves me without any watchable sf on TV. Ron Moore et al are going to try again, with another prequel. This one will apparently be set during the First Cylon War and star Adama as a young fighter pilot.

Who wants to see Adama as a young fighter pilot? you ask. 

Well, my mom, for one, who - whenever baby Adama appeared onscreen in Caprica - would turn to me and whisper, "THAT'S BILL!!!!"

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