Slay Bells: The world of Infinite Santa 8000

Episode #1 of Infinite Santa 8000

Go ahead, pick any character, any person (even this guy); put them in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, and you've got a recipe for serious badassery. Case in point: Infinite Santa 8000.

This weekly web series by a crew of Boston-based artists, animators, musicians, and voice actors (including occasional Phoenix contributor Mike Neel) tells the story of a renegade Santa Claus (not this one) who, in order to survive the desert wasteland that is earth in the year 8000, must brutally butcher deformed mutants for food.

Martha, a young, communicationally challenged cyborg girl, is the hardened Ho-Ho-Ho-er's only companion. The two spend the first four episodes of the series living the desloate-no-man's-land dream, which includes napalming insectoid turd monsters, and cruising around on a wicked nice Santa's sleigh motorcycle mod.

Episodes premiere on Sundays, meaning the next installment will drop on Halloween. So support some local talent and get in the Christmas spirit of CARNAGE!! I mean, really, do you need any urging to watch something called Infinite Santa 8000?

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