LO500 Featured Battle: Earthbound vs. Ocarina of Time

Super Smash Bros. Melee is also a good game, and it is also something you can vote for in the Laser Orgy 500.

VOTE NOW: The Laser Orgy 500 - the Phoenix's quest to crown the greatest video game of all time.

This week, we bring you a battle of '90s Nintendo classics (and, we add, two games that are currently doing well in our standings).

Many gamers will remember the gradual shift from flat, 2-D environments to the more 3-D open worlds. Ocarina of Time was not the first game to create such an area, but it was still a surprising, disorienting experience given how familiar we'd all become with the expected "house style" of a game with the Legend of Zelda imprimatur. And more than that, Ocarina of Time also did a great job with its setting, atmosphere, and gameplay. My biggest complaint: the one Ocarina song you had to play over and over again ("Zelda's Lullaby," I believe it was called) was kind of death to listen to.

Earthbound, on the other hand, is probably still our best proof yet that technical prowess and innovation are overrated when it comes to creating a memorable gaming experience: Earthbound's graphics were a little low-rent, and its battle system is essentially the same as the Dragon Warrior games. But man, did it have a lot of charm and heart (and humor), and that's what people remember.

But which is better? Vote below, and then keep battling in our Laser Orgy 500!

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