August 1, 2010: The would-be wedding day of Future Lisa Simpson

Today, Simpsons-quoterati brought some disturbing news to our attention: August 1, 2010 is the day that Lisa Simpson would have gotten married -- if she hadn't jilted her foppish groom at the altar because he wouldn't wear Homer's piggy cufflinks (well, that and the fact that he wanted to steal her away to England and never return).

Of course, in the normal course of The Simpsons, Lisa is forever doomed to be 8 years old -- but this Season 6 chestnut, "Lisa's Wedding," gave us a glimpse into Lisa's adult future thanks to a gypsy's crystal gazing ball. And in 1995, 2010 seemed pretty damn future-y. Anyone who remembers watching this ep when it first aired 15 years ago can safely file this trivia nugget under "How to feel old."

Some other fun details about the Simpsons' '90s-era vision of 2010:

--Kent Brockman's "list of celebrities who have been arrested" includes: The Baldwin Brothers Gang, Dr. Brad Pitt, John John John Kennedy, George Burns, Infamous Amos, Grandson of Sam, The Artist Formerly Known as [Prince's symbol], Tim Allen, Jr., Senator and Mrs. Dracula, The Artist Formerly Known as Buddy Hackett, Madonnabots: Series K, Sideshow Ralph Wiggum, Martha Hitler, Johnny Neutrino

-The networks have merged into ABCNNBCBS; FOX is now a hardcore sex channel.

-Jim Carrey films have become art-house fare.

-The Rolling Stones have embarked on their "Steel Wheelchair" tour (and are lauded for their "tireless efforts to preserve historic buildings").

-Brits can brag about saving America's ass in WWIII.

-Cell phones themselves don't really seem to have made the millennium leap, but everyone's got Star Trek-style wrist communicators and 2001-style picture phones (with rotary dial!).

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