Curt Schilling moving his company to Rhode Island. Boo-hoo.


Curt Schilling - the media personality who, if I understand correctly, once pitched for the Boston Red Sox - has moved his fledgling gaming company, 38 Studios, to Rhode Island. Spurring Schilling on: $75 million in loans from the Rhode Island Economic Development Corp. (this isn't taxpayer money, for the record). This has sparked a larger debate over to what extent the state should provide incentives to attract companies - video-game-centric and otherwise - to the area.

I'll leave the debate itself to others who are more versed in economic policy. My real question: why do people still care this much about Curt Schilling? On the one hand, I get it: Although he only pitched a grand total of four years for the Red Sox (he signed a contract to come back in 2008, but he was out all year with an injury), they were eventful years. And yeah, he's a Hall of Famer, and if not for him, we're looking at a drought of . . . 89 years instead of 86 years before winning a World Series (I like to think any team with the 2007 version of Josh Beckett wins regardless of who else you're throwing out there, but if you disagree, I won't hold it against you). But at the risk of sounding unsentimental, all that was now three years ago. Since retiring, Schilling hasn't exactly been lying low; it seems like he's on television and radio just as frequently now as when he was active. And somehow, he just finds his way into the news, like the bruhaha over Martha Coakley calling him a "Yankee fan" or how Lincoln Chafee (a former Republican now running for governor in Rhode Island as an Independent, for what that's worth) recently found himself in hot water over remarks about the legendary bloody sock. How does this keep happening? I can't miss Curt if he doesn't go away; I almost wish he'd taken his act a little further away than Rhode Island. 

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