Dr. Who's fifth season closes with Big Bang + Dr. Who burlesque

PHOTOS: Burlesque dancer gender-swaps the Doctor in her Dr. Who-themed piece

Two days ago, the fifth season of Dr. Who -- or the 31st season, depending on how you count -- came to a close with an episode called "The Big Bang." Matt Smith, the youngest-ever actor to play the titular Doctor, has therefore finished his very first season with us. The man's come under some criticism for being too young and for oversexualizing the Doctor in his portrayal (I'm pretty sure these people have not actually looked very hard at the show's previous Doctor ... but, all right).

Whovians warmed to Matt Smith over the course of this season, however, and they were very excited to see him celebrating the finale at the Glastonbury music fest. He appeared onstage with the band Orbital during their techno remix of the Dr. Who theme, and you can watch the very trippy video of it here.

We should note that this finale has not yet aired in the ol' US of A, so American Whovians, please be patient and don't be a pirate. If you can't wait to find out more, though, look no further than these spoiler-ific glowing reviews from UK publications. If you're not a Whovian but interested, remember that you can watch past and more recent episodes on BBC America.

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