Live Chat: LOST, s06e11, "Happily Ever After"

I'm not going to lie: the final season is starting to feel like a bit of a chore. It feels as though the story is simultaneously rushing and standing still; I think we probably learned some significant things in that last episode, but mostly it just felt like an absolute slog, marking time for the sake of marking time. Is there any logical reason for Sun and Jin to still be separate? Do we even care anymore about either of them or the Secrets of the Cork?

And yet again, People Who Know are teasing this as one of the bigger, more revealing episodes in a while. The focus is on Desmond, one of my favorite characters. A lot of people have speculated that he's somehow key to the merging of the two timelines given his alleged super-specialness. Should be fun! Watch here at 9 and chat with people who are nowhere near as disillusioned with the show as I am.

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