Live Chat: LOST, s06e09: Ab Aeterno

Prior to his voyage on the Black Rock, Richard Alpert took part in some amateur crime-fighting.

Last week's Lost ... what happened again? Something about Sawyer and Charles Widmore and Miles and Claire and Charlotte and Smokey's mommy issues? Plus some new woman who's apparently the key to the whole show (more on this in a minute)? I seem to remember thinking it was pretty good at the time, but as with a surprisingly large number of episodes from this season, I didn't find it particularly memorable. 

But this week.

This could be the week.

This is the one we've been waiting a while for. All indications are that tonight we will finally learn the story of one Richard Alpert, the eternally youthful consigliere of the Others. This may turn out to be one of those things that seems to happen with Lost where the fans have already figured out the big revelations and so they'll seem less shocking when we actually hear them on television (like, for instance, how everyone was already pretty sure Alpert arrived on the Island on the Black Rock before he confirmed it himself a few weeks back), but still: there's a lot we've only guessed about this guy. From the looks of things, we'll also learn some more about Ilana. It's a mysterious-Jacob-connected-character twofer!

Anyway, apparently the big reveal last week was not that Smokey was born of woman (or so he claimed) or that Widmore is hanging out at the old Hydra Island with Monster-proof sonic barriers, but rather this Zoe woman who greeted Sawyer while he was on his reconaissance mission. Sheila Kelley, the actress who plays Zoe, gave a revealing interview to Us magazine in which she says "[t]his beautiful journey of this entire show, between good and evil, between science and faith, lies within Zoe." So there's that. 

But we can talk about that in our live chat of the finale. This week, let's keep the focus on Ricardos. Chat below!

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