Live Chat: LOST, s06e08, "Recon"

Illustration plucked from Nedroid's amazing Lost gif bin

Maybe it's just because it had an unusually high Ben Linus/Everybody Else ratio, but last week's episode, "Dr. Linus," was (in my humble opinion) pretty awesome. To briefly recap: In the Sideways Universe (also known as "Degrassi High: The Alternate Timeline"), disgruntled history teacher Ben -- initially egged on by Sideways Locke, no less -- tries to blackmail Principal Reynolds in order to claw his way to the top, but aborts mission when it threatens to ruin Alex's shot at getting into college. Meanwhile, back on the Island, Ilana almost executes Ben for murdering Jacob but relents when when Ben dazzles her with #LinusTears. Also, Richard Alpert and Jack have a dynamite tete-a-tete in the Black Rock, where Richard claims that Jacob "gave him a gift" by touching him, and that gift is apparently some kind of immortality. And let's not forget the huggy reunion back at the beach camp, as Smokey and non-Smokey teams continue to shape up.

Some questions to ponder before we return to traverse the mystery-slick precipice of Lostness.

Could Frank Lapidus be a Candidate?

Does Alex live with Rousseau in the sideways universe? (More importantly: DOES SHE GET INTO YALE?)

Where did Ben get that neato bamboo grave-digging thingy?

What manner of unholy shitshow will commence now that Widmore's back on the island?

We probably won't find out tonight -- or maybe ever -- but we'll still be glued to the screen in the vain hopes that tonight's ep will reward us with some kind of revelatory Fish Biscuit of knowledge. And if you're here, reading all the way to the end of this blog post, we're guessing you're probably in the same boat. Got a clever theory? A continuity quibble? A burning desire to profess your utter scorn for [insert name of any character other than Claire]? Lay it on us. We'll be here at 9.

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