The Rock Band Network is up and running

That's right: KMFDM

Last summer, Harmonix announced a bold new strategy to enable artists, labels, management, or other authorized hangers-on to upload music to something called the Rock Band Network for sale as downloadable content in the Rock Band video game. Since then, business has turned a little sour for the music-game genre, but: the RBN is up and operational!

And frankly, it is still a great idea, even as it makes us wonder about the future of the franchise (will any of this stuff work with a hypothetical Rock Band 3? Will there even be a Rock Band 3?). The initial tracklist is a little underwhelming, but that was probably to be expected. And even still, there are some gems to be found in there, like tracks by Of Montreal, the Hold Steady, the Shins, and Flogging Molly. And yes, there are two songs by industrial titans KMFDM in there, "Juke Joint Jezebel" and "A Drug Against War." It's hard to picture those songs being anything but a blast to play. 

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