Live Chat: LOST, s06e06, "Sundown"

Last week's Lost was not a bad little episode; we got some nice character moments getting to know a not-excruciating parallel version of Jack, and we got to see that mirror device thingie, which may or may not be important going forward. The hot theory right now based on that episode is that, far from the savior everyone thinks he is, Jacob is actually the show's bad guy, and Locke/Smokey is the real hero. Possibly true; Jacob does seem like kind of a dick. But I'm unconvinced so far. Maybe we'll learn more in tonight's Sayid-centric episode; ABC promised major revelations.

Anyway, Jacob told Hurley to tell Jack to turn the magic mirror to 108. The (scratched out) name next to that frequency on the dial? Wallace. Which, of course, calls for one of these:

And yes, I'm aware that I'm not likely the first to have made that joke. Anyway, come chat with us tonight at 9! 

-- Ryan Stewart

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