Live Chat: LOST, s06e04, "The Substitute"


Last week's episode of Lost, the third of its final season, was a little . . . well, let's just be direct about it: it was pretty bad. It could be that our disappointment stems from the fact that our anticipation has been heightened with each episode as the finish line approaches; perhaps when viewed again as part of a DVD marathon, it will seem a lot more palatable (a sentiment expressed in at least one recap we've come across).

But even if we acknowledge that every season of Lost has its occasional down moments, and even as we also acknowledge that many of those "down moments" seem to coincide with episodes that place the generally non-fascinating Kate front and center, this was still the kind of episode that many fans had hoped the show had moved beyond - one that felt like it was stalling for time. It wasn't necessarily the lack of big-time revelations that bothered me, personally (the knowledge that Sayid and Claire have been "claimed" by something-or-other doesn't really count as it seems like the type of mystery that will be solved in short order). It was more just that the whole thing felt so damn familiar. It was a Lost-by-numbers episode: Jack acting stubborn! Kate running away from something! Enigmatic characters withholding information! The most intriguing thing was probably seeing Ethan in the parallel world, but that wasn't enough to redeem all that dullness and monotony.

Fortunately, though, things are likely to be looking up. If the producers are indeed following the pattern of first-season episodes in terms of which character will serve as the hour's central focus, then that means that tonight's installment will revolve around John Locke - always good news to begin with - and, by extension, Smokey. So join us in our weekly chatjam both in real-time and afterwards as we consider what exactly this other universe is all about. (Yes, we recognize that that sounds like stoner profundity; maybe that flashback where Locke was a marijuana grower was more significant than we initially expected!)

Oh, also, you can chat via Twitter if you prefer by tagging your tweets as #bostonlost.

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