Ctrl+Alt+Del's Winter-een-mas spontaneously aborts


How do you know your webcomic's in trouble? When you've got Rob Liefeld making fun of you. (You know, the guy who can't draw feet, or women without massive spine problems, or dudes who aren't festooned with a gazillion pouches?) OK, OK, so this is almost definitely a fake Liefeld, but we just couldn't resist pointing out such an absurd bitchslap anyway. And it's not an isolated incident, either.

For those of you who have no idea what's going on here (but are still strangely intrigued), a brief bit of background info: Ctrl+Alt+Del is a gaming webcomic created by Tim Buckley, a polarizing figure who's racked up a devoted fanbase ... while simultaneously earning the ridicule of a mighty wide swath of the internet, including the likes of Yahtzee and Penny Arcade.

Why is CAD such an easy target? Probably because Buckley (aka B^U) feels compelled to, say, take a comic originally designed to showcase catty Warcraft jokes and the monkey-cheese-ninja random wackiness of manchild main character Ethan, and spice it up with excruciatingly slow, melodramatic, ham-handed plot arcs. Perhaps the most egregious example is the infamous "Loss" strip, in which Ethan's significant other, Lilah, has a miscarriage (an event that is "often much harder on the woman than on the man," as Buckley so helpfully points out in his commentary).

We also have CAD to thank for an obnoxious gamer holiday called Winter-een-mas (January 25-31), currently in full swing -- Buckley even interrupted his interminable Ethan-Lilah wedding plot, which has been dragging on for months now, to share this charming Wintereentide tale of "Where Games Come From." (Hint: not Lilah's poison womb.)

And now, finally, you have two great CAD-hatin' tastes that taste great together: Merry Miscarriagemas, everyone!

Winter-een-mas greetings from Eegra
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