Bryan Singer returns to take on X-Men Origin Film

Fans perked up to hear the news today that not only are the rumors true about the new X-Men origins film, Bryan Singer - director of the first two X-Men films - has agreed to take on directing duties.

Despite the massive continuity changes from the comics in the X-Men films, most fans agree that Singer did a passable job taking their beloved characters to screen. The first two films weren't The Dark Knight good, but they were Spiderman good - nothing groundbreaking, but still enjoyed by both fans and those unfamiliar with the original comics.

Then, Singer abandoned his directorial post, and after that ... the nightmare that was X3. We will not speak of it, or look directly at it, lest we be blinded.

The new Wolverine film showed signs of bringing the X-Men film franchise back to something ressembling quality. It wasn't perfect; again, there were unncessary changes to comic continuity that made the story worse and not better. For example, we were psyched to see a hilarious Deadpool, but then horribly disapopinted to see -- spoiler alert -- his mutilation later in the film, both literally and figuratively.

The new film has rumors of Emma Frost, but we're not sure how that could fit into the films' canon. Fans know that Cyclops is meant to marry Emma after Jean's death, but given the events of The X-Men Film That Must Not Be Named, that's not possible anymore. So, what's the solution: a teenage romance for Emma and Cyclops? Sounds like a pathetic consolation prize to those of us who love the Frost/Cylops dynamic in the current comics.

In spite of these concerns, fans continue to rest their high hopes on Singer's shoulders. If the man starts getting worried about how to tie together the current mess of loose ends, we suggest an appearance from everybody's favorite retcon artist: Mr. Sinister.

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