A Gift Guide for the Geek in your Life

Left 4 Dead 2 cookies

Winter is coming, as the Starks would say, and you know what that means -- toys! We geeks love our toys, especially big-kid versions of old favorites. But when it comes to geek gift-giving, you have got to know what kind of geek you’re shopping for -- or you might end up giving the wrong toy entirely, and that would just be awkward. So - find your target, and scroll down accordingly.

Most Ren Faire Geeks have converted to Steampunk. Full Victorian regalia is a bit much for day-to-day, but why not get them an accessory to spice up a modern outfit? For the men, we recommend an antique pocket watch. For a cheaper, more understated option, go with cuff links.
For the ladies, there’s this classy white jacket. A more committed Steampunk fashionista might enjoy this coat, which has tails in the back.

Next up: Comic Book Fans and Anime/Manga Fans. Unfortunately, if you don’t already know what comics or shows they like, then you’re going to have a tough time catering to this interest. Most generic “comic book fan” and “anime fan” merch is hoplessly corny. We recommend taking a sneaky look at their collections and making decisions accordingly.

On to Gamers. Of course you’ll get the same problem of needing to know what games they like -- if you’re planning on picking up a game. If you want something classier, go with a selection from Penny Arcade’s new line of work shirts: formal enough for most professional environments, yet still sending a subtle message about the activity they’d rather be doing. For the Classic Gamers, you can’t go wrong with a wallet fashioned out of an Atari game. For Table-Top Gamers, go with some fuzzy dice to hang in their rear view -- 20-sided dice, that is.

Most Sci-fi/Fantasy Lit fans enjoy Hitchhiker’s Guide and would, therefore, enjoy this towel. For those ones who prefer Tolkein to Adams, you might consider gifting a book or graphic novel from George R. R. Martin’s series, A Song of Ice and Fire. If they’ve read the whole saga already (likelier than not), consider introducing them to lesser-known fantasy authoress Tamora Pierce. For the Twi-hards, go with caffeinated “blood” and/or vampire-venom lip gloss.

For the up-and-coming Sci-Fi/Fantasy Artist, Blick Arts is having a sale right now, so grab a 30% off coupon and head over. For the Digital Artist, how about this hoodie?

Sci-Fi TV fans might enjoy the first season of Dollhouse, currently a steal on Amazon. Or, perhaps a Dalek webcam or Tardis USB hub would be more to their taste.

Last of all, we have geeks who get paid to be geeks: Scientists might enjoy wearing either the Curies or Ben Franklin, this shirt was made for Mathematicians with a sensitive side, and - finally - here's a shirt for Tech Support gurus.

Phew! Did I forget anyone? Probably. So, if all my suggestions have failed you, then go forth and search ThinkGeek yourself.

Happy shopping!

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