Geek it up this Weekend: Halloween Suggestions

Halloween could be classed as the nation's most geek-friendly holiday, since it's the one day a year when you can cosplay without being judged. So, first things first: let's talk costumes.

SEGA has provided a detailed guide on how to cosplay Bayonetta; it's a bit early since the game hasn't come out yet, but prospective Bayonettas will appreciate the high-res pics they've provided of the costume's details. The game's coming from the directors of the Devil May Cry series, games notorious for providing hellishly complex costumes for fans to contend with. Bayonetta's get-up appears to be no exception (wings made out of her own hair?!), but SEGA provides some tips on how to emulate her look on the cheap.

Male geeks looking for inspiration can draw from the latest episode of ABC Family's Castle. The show's protagonist is played by Nathan Fillion, and the writers decided to do a callback to Fillion's previous role as beloved space cowboy Mal Reynolds (Firefly). Check out the clip here and note how easy that costume would be to recreate.

If you want to go with something more mainstream, this tutorial promises you can build an impressive-looking lightsaber in 10 minutes -- well, once you've bought the supplies they recommend. If the lightsaber seems like too much work, Han Solo is a surprisingly easy costume to pull together, and for the girls, classic Leia is no hard task either.

So, you're all dressed up, and you need somewhere to go. Ashley and I wrote out an entire weekend of back-to-back Halloween awesomeness -- but we wrote that list for the normies, and I've got a couple extra geeky haunts up my sleeve just for Laser Orgy. Feel free to supplement these events in place of the other events we've listed during these times.

On Halloween Eve, Friday the 30th, you'll want to hit up the Venture Brothers-themed dance party at Middle East Corner (472 Mass Ave, Cambridge). DJ Phantom Limb and DJ Hank Venture are spinning (OK, so they're changing their names for the night -- they're really DJ Zid and DJ Clay N Ferno). Geeks often lament their inability to find friends or significant others who share their interests; where should geeks go to meet other geeks? This party would be just the kind of scene you want to hit up. Even if you don't care for clubbing, it'll be a great way to meet other people interested in one of Adult Swim's finest dorky shows.

On Halloween, Saturday the 31st, you could hit up Rocky Horror Picture Show like most gothier geeks do every year ... or you could check out that other new cult goth flick: Repo! The Genetic Opera. I don't enjoy tooting my own horn, but I can't leave out the fact that I'm starring as Shilo in the spanking new, Boston-based shadow cast of Repo. If you go to our 8 pm debut at the Regent Theatre (tickets & info here), you'll still have time to hitch a bus to Harvard Square afterwards and see the Full Body Cast shadow-cast Rocky at midnight. They're performing Rocky the previous night as well (also at midnight), so you could head over there after the Venture Brothers party.

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