This Just In: Happy Aqua Teen Anniversary!

One year ago today, Boston was sent into a panic by some cartoon characters. Boston municipal and state officials were fooled by light-up displays that local artists Sean Stevens and Peter Berdovsky made of the mooninites Ignignokt and Ur -- characters from the Cartoon Network show Aqua Teen Hunger Force -- as part of a guerilla marketing campaign for the Aqua Teen movie.

Last February, Harvey Silverglate called Boston's response "massive self-delusion and displaced anger," and more recently linked the arrest of MIT student Star Simpson (who was arrested for wearing light-up clothes at Logan Airport) to Boston's Aqua Teen problem.  Today, merry pranksters have erected their homages to Stevens and Berdovsky around the city -- including a choice rendition of George-Bush-cum-mooninite, among others. Let's hope cooler heads prevail this year in the Mayor's office.

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