Surprised by Sisterhood

 By Wendy Kaminer 

        Identity politics seemed to have worked for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, after all, and given the unseemly glee with which so many pundits predicted her demise, given their gratuitous brutality toward her, I confess to feeling pleased and even vindicated by the support she received from women.  I'm not a member of the Hillary fan club (I'm uneasy with her centrist, communitarian instincts,) and I recoil from the notion of voting on the basis of sex, race, or any other demographic category.  But when the usual blowhards mocked what seemed to me an authentic, entirely appropriate display of emotion and concern for the state of the nation, when Keith Olbermann even criticized Clinton for saying that "some of us are right and some of us are wrong" (what was she supposed to say, "vote for Obama?") I felt an atavistic urge to stand by her; and I can't help being glad that so many women did.

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