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        Last month, Ronald Liebowitz, President of Middlebury College, delivered a Baccalaureate Address that should perhaps be required reading at Tufts, Brandeis, and all the other "liberal" schools that promote the censorship of politically incorrect speech, often in the name of diversity.  (Read all about them at
        In a speech entitled "Diversity:The Value of Discomfort," Liebowitz pointed out the irony of "progressive" efforts to suppress speech that offends students or makes them uncomfortable:  Censorship sabotages diversity, he stressed:  "In order for the pursuit of diversity to be intellectually defensible and valuable to those seeking a first-rate education at places like Middlebury ... it cannot simply facilitate the exchange of one orthodoxy or point of view for another. .. if the wariness about discomfort is stronger than the desire to hear different viewpoints because engaging difference is uncomfortable, then the quest for diversity is hollow no matter what the demographic statistics on a campus reflect."

    You can find Liebowitz's speech here: read it and hope.

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