Not Subject to Debate

         What’s perhaps most striking about some campus censors today is the boldness with which they refuse to hear opposing views, much less provide forums for them. You don’t have to be an axe  murderer or current or former dictator to be blackballed by some campus "progressives." You could simply be former Harvard president Larry Summers, whose March 14th talk at Tufts University about undergraduate education was boycotted by some Tufts professors.

         Why shouldn’t Summers be allowed to speak? He’s "offensive," Tufts physics professor Gary Goldstein suggested to the Boston Globe. Goldstein explained that when Tufts president, Lawrence Bacow invited Summers to speak, he signalled "that it’s alright to make statements that are offensive to half the student body." Indeed.  I would encourage Goldstein to stick to physics, except that I doubt that science can progress without a spirit of free inquiry.

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