More Banner: what's your definition of "out of business"?

A few minutes ago, I reported that, according to Bay State Banner publisher Melvin Miller, the Bay State Banner is just ceasing publication, not going out of business. 

Now a Banner advertiser forwards a recent message from Sandra Casagrand, the Banner's VP/marketing and Miller's wife. Here it is:

I’m really sorry to report but the Banner is not publishing after this week’s paper.  We cannot remain in business in this economic climate and will continue to look for new owners/investors while we are closed so at some point it can reopen and continue on its mission.  Until then, there is no Banner.  Real bummer – and sorry for the inconvenience. [emph. added]

Based on this, I'd say Miller--who called the notion that the Banner was going out of business "excessive"--is being a tad Clintonian here.


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