Omission of the day: the Globe's Fairness Doctrine op-ed

Read today's Globe op-ed on the possible return of the Fairness Doctrine, and you'll find yourself thinking that it's just a matter of time until said doctrine makes a comeback. (In the ominous words of author/BU journalism prof Bob Zelnick: "With nearly impregnable control over both Houses and Barack Obama in the White House, the Democrats are again girding for battle.")

But are they? After all, the Democrat-dominated US Senate recently voted--87 to 11 (!)--to prohibit the Fairness Doctrine's reinstatement by the FCC

Yes, some Democrats have said they'd like the Fairness Doctrine back on the books. And yes, the Senate ban is attached to the D.C. Voting Rights Bill, which may or may not become law. Still, given the Senate's overwhelming bipartisan opposition, the chances of Zelnick's worst-case scenario coming to pass are exceedingly slim.

Too bad this info didn't make it into the piece.

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