KG's darker side

A few weeks back, I asked why there are so many ugly instances of Kevin Garnett mixing it up with white players.  Among the comments was the following astute observation:

As I read through your list of incidents, what struck me was that Garnett takes his aggression out - not on white players - but on players who he's pretty sure won't fight back.  Calderon is nearly a foot shorter, Duncan is mellow to the point of being asleep, and the rest are C or D-List players who know that they'll never come out on top in a scuffle with a superstar.  Giving these guys the business allows KG to cultivate the image of a loose cannon without ever having to risk a serious fight.

At the time, I thought this sounded smart. But now, in the wake of Garnett getting down on his hands and knees to taunt Portland's Jerryd Bayless--who's 1) black, 2) a rookie, and 3) roughly a foot shorter than Garnett--I'm utterly convinced that it's spot on.

If you didn't see the Garnett-Bayless contretemps, here they are. Ugly stuff, especially if (like me) you're a longtime Garnett admirer:


So here's my question: notwithstanding the deep gratitude that Celtics fans have to Garnett for returning the team to its rightful glory,  isn't it time for some intrepid member of the Boston sports media to take a serious look at Garnett's darker side?

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