What's racist? An election-day case study

I have a running argument with a friend about which anti-Obama attacks are racist. For example, I thought the McCain camp's Obama-disrespects-Palin ad played on toxic racist sentiments involving black men and white women. My friend didn't see it.

So I'd be interested to hear what readers think of Fox News's coverage of pro-Obama excitement in Kenya, his father's country of birth. A story headlined "Kenyans Pray for Obama Win, Plan Parties" is currently the top item in's "Latest News" section. Here's the story's lede:

KISUMU, Kenya -- Believers across Kenya are praying for Barack Obama -- literally. They're  making sacrificial offerings to help ensure his victory in a nation where the Illinois senator is considered a native son.

And here's the first image from the accompanying photo slideshow. FYI, the caption is, "Men and women dance and sing the praises of a sacrificial rock shrine called Kit Mikayi ("First Wife") 20 miles from Kisumu, Kenya. A dozen worshippers have come to make sacrifices for Barack Obama at the shrine, its attendant said":



In fairness, I should note that CNN has its own story on pro-Obama excitment in Kenya. But if you watch it, you'll see that it's heavy on images of Kenyans crowding around newspaper articles on Obama's candidacy, and includes zero (0) references to sacrificial rites.

This difference--plus the fact that Fox News is currently hyping a story (relayed from a Republican poll watcher) on Black Panthers (allegedly) intimidating voters in Philadelphia, and the fact that Fox was all over that Obama-hate-crime-hoax a few weeks back--makes me inclined to say there's a whiff of racism here. But maybe I'm being too harsh.

Thoughts, readers?

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