Preemptively coping with an Obama defeat


For months now, my colleague David Bernstein has been assuring me that Barack Obama's going to win the presidency by a wide margin tomorrow. But no matter what he says--and despite how promising the polls currently look--I can't help expecting the worst.

Sound familiar? If so, please join me in a little exercise. First, ask yourself: What's the best possible spin that could be put on an Obama loss? And then post your answer here!

I've got a short list going myself. Here's what I've come up with:

1) John McCain must have another reasonably healthy decade in him. After all, he's got good genes.

2) Assuming he does, by the time Sarah Palin could actually run for president herself, she'll have said and done so much stupid shit that she won't stand a chance.

3) If Obama runs again, the attacks that worked this time (narcissist, friend of terrorists, Black Stalin, presidential Jay Gatsby) won't have any "oomph."

 Like I said, it's a short list.


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