Mitt's RNC speech in sixty seconds--updated!

VIDEO: Mitt at RNC Night 3

ST. PAUL--Unless my ears deceived me, our former governor didn’t mention gay marriage once! That’s a big change from his last RNC speech, when he described gay marriage was a threat comparable to Islamic radicalism. He did, however, give a little nod to family values, referring to the fact that we need to raise our children in “homes free from promiscuity.” While I’d love to think that was a little dig at Sarah Palin, that’s not usually how Mitt rolls, so who knows. What else? Democrats weak on terrorism; Washington liberal despite eight years of Bush/Cheney (who also seemed to go unmentioned); liberals think economic strength comes from government (not sure if it’s true, but it sounds good); Republicans are always proud of their country; America’s fate in God’s hands; hypocritical Al Gore flies a private jet…. I think that pretty much covers it. Credit Mitt for a couple dandy turns of phrase (“China’s acting like Adam Smith on steroids,” the economy’s bad because “mortgage money was handed out like candy) and eliciting two (!) chants of “U-S-A!” from the audience. Actually, I might have heard it there at the end again, too, so make it 2.5. It’s hard for me to think like a Republican, but if I do, Mitt gets an A-minus. Kudos, Governor!

UPDATE: After hearing Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin, I downgraded Mitt to a B-plus. If that still strikes you as overly generous, here's my reasoning.

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