The new Romenesko: not so easy on the eyes

Obviously it's not going to stop me from reading--or, I'm sure, everybody else who relies on Jim Romenesko's Poynter Insitute Web site for their steady diet of media news. But couldn't the people at Poynter (which has revamped its entire site, not just the Romenesko portion) have found a way to make Romenesko a bit less busy?

The problem, I think, is twofold. First, the non-Romenesko text on the left and right margins makes things really hectic, visually speaking, and pulls one's attention away from Romenesko's margin text. Second, the social-networking tools and comment previews after each major post clutter things up as well.

Then again, I'm no Web designer. And I'm already struggling to remember what the old Romenesko actually looked like.


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