DQM rides again! Plus, the Globe's strange photo portrait

As you've probably noticed, there's some serious blog flux going on over at Phoenix HQ. The good news is that, if you're reading this, you've found the new Web home of Don't Quote Me, nee Media Log. Also, after disappearing for a few days, the last few months of posts have returned.

Now for the bad news. DQM's fancy new logo--which had been visible over the last few days at the old URL,, but isn't any longer--has yet to make its way to the new URL (i.e.,, where you are now). In addition, while the AWOL posts have resurfaced, the comments to those posts are still missing. But they should materialize soon. I think.

Confused? You and me both, pal. So let's move on to another topic. Did anyone else notice the message emblazoned on the shirt of the woman depicted in the Globe's "On My Mind" feature yesterday?


That message--which is a little easier to see here--seems to be, "Cops are no pigs. Pigs are much more civil!"

The weirdest thing isn't that the Globe published the pic in question. It's that, when the woman (Clara Hendricks) explained what was "on her mind" at the time, she didn't mention anything police-related. Instead, she offered this:

This morning was the first time that my previously neglected, very shy guinea pig let me hold her. It was a really beautiful moment and it just made me so happy that in the last couple months she has gotten this comfortable with me.

Good to know, I suppose.

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