Creatures on a Stick

Tonight we stopped by a snack market, featuring tasty treats like fried scorpions, boiled starfish, crunchy lizards, seahorse kebabs, silkworms, whole baby squid, and, you know, magical wands of candied fruit.  No big deal. 

The scorpion photo is a little bit blurry because they were wiggling.  The get threaded onto a bamboo skewer when they're still alive

I've eaten some crazy shit.  Usually when I'm drunk.  For example, I've discovered that eating peanut butter with a chopstick at 4 in the morning is a healthy protein boost that will curb those post-booze-binge cravings. I digress. As crazy as my cravings may seem, I can say with absolute conviction that I will never, EVER desire to put a bug in my mouth and crunch down on it, like it ain't no thang.  








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