Usain Bolt

Besides being the fastest mothufucka in the world, he is also one of the funniest mothafuckas in the world. 

The dude embodies a rare balance of knowing he's the shit and yet being totally nice, approachable, gracious, and accomodating to reporters.  He always stops to talk to everyone (whether they're from a major broadcast network or a smallish newspaper), always gives great quotes, and always has a great attitude, regardless of whether you've grabbed him after a practice session or, you know, breaking a world record.

Same thing with most of the American sprinters.  Lauryn Williams, for example, is my new hero,  The girl is fast, she loses graciously (and wow, was it a shitty Olympics for the USA runners this year), she's polite, well-spoken, and also has a hell of a sense of humor.  Plus, she's sassy.  And I dig the sassy.

In fact, nearly all of the Track and Field athletes I've had the pleasure of coming in contact while I've been here seem to be great people, as well as great athletes. 

I was talking to another journalist tonight about athletes and attitudes, and we agreed that one of the best things about being at the Olympics is that most of the athletes are humble and appreciative of their achievements, their fans, and the media attention.  It's a world of difference, though, between people like the Track and Field competitors, and people like basketball players.  Specifically, Team USA basketball players. Holy shit.  Yes, you're mega athletes and mega stars (and mega lucky to have rape charges against you dropped before going to trial), but take a cue from the fastest man in the world, and have some class, humility, and humor. 



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