This Is Not The Greatest Blog In the World...


...this is just a tribute.

I, friends, am not a sports writer.  That's not my life's ambition, that's not why I'm here in Beijing. (Well, not really. When I'm home and not bound by a stupid confidentiality agreement, I'll tell you all about it. Doesn't that sound magical?)

I am ashamed to say that I perpetuate every stereotype about women and sports.  I just learned that you can score a field goal in more than one sport.  I don't understand why two minutes in football can take a half an hour. What the shit is "icing"?  No idea. I should really take the time to learn.

But, until then, I defer to my sports writer friends.   These guys, besides being able to put away beer and jaeger like nobody's business, know their shit.  And, maybe someday, I will too. 

Well, probably not. 

Still, if you're looking for Olympics coverage that's actually about sports, check out these dudes:   

The New York Times Rings Blog (I'm trying to morph Pete Thamel and Greg Bishop into drinking buddies.  Those workaholic bitches have willpower.)

Pat Forde at

Benjamin Hochman and Mark Kiszla of The Denver Post. (Anyone who'll spend 3 hours with me at Hooters to watch the Opening Ceremony has my eternal admiration.)

Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune 




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