Do you like pina coladas? How about hurricanes?


Hello romance!!

According to the online dating website called (no joke!), "when the lights go out [i.e., when you lose power for seven days and counting...], and the rain starts to fall [washing away your childhood memories], people tend to start hooking up [like, out of desperation?], and Nicholas Sparks could be the one to blame [not E.L. James??? {50 Shades reference, hey-o!}]."

Really the whole press release is priceless (pun not intended). "“The premise of a Nicholas Sparks movie is finding love in unexpected, sometimes impossible places. There's often tragic circumstances, and sordid plot lines for redemption and heroism involved. It’s an endearing version of fiction that almost seems real,” says founder and CEO Brandon Wade. “So when it rains, women think of these stories, and it seems like an attainable fairy tale just within reach.“

[Things they also think: Will all my food go bad in the refrigerator? and Is my grandma dying of hypothermia in her 30th floor unheated apartment?]

You may, at this point, be wondering about the premise of It's exactly what you think! "Tired of wasting your time dating losers? Successful and generous people will pay for the chance to take you out on a first date," the website promises.

Anyway, back to the survey -- which supposedly reached 10,000 American members. "Weather has a significant impact on one's libido," the press release reads. We also learn:

  • 95 percent of women polled have fantasized about kissing in the rain, and
  • 57 percent attribute that to a Nicholas Sparks movie or book. (SERIOUSLY!?)
  • 64 percent of men polled say they are turned on during thunderstorms. Honestly, if some dude whispered in my ear, oh, wow, do you hear that thunder? I'm not sure how I would react. I think I'd be a little grossed out?
  • 43 pecent (of the men, I think) have "admitted" to "hooking up during a weather-related power outage."
  • In a separate poll (but still one that deals with The Nicholas Sparks Zeitgeist, apparently), 77 percent of women claimed to have seen or read a Nicholas Sparks movie or book -- but only 36 percent of the men have done so! Those 36 percent have better have gotten laid (preferably during a thunderstorm)!
  • 24 percent of men also reported having "mirrored a romantic scenario they witnessed in a chick flick to impress a girl." I really hope it's that moment from Love Actually where the guy stands outside Kiera Knightly's door and holds a boom box so that her husband who's upstairs thinks that carollers are downstairs but actually he's holding up big posters telling her how much he loves her.
Thank goodness that an incoming weather system is bound to get beds shakin' across the Northeast -- expect rain and wind from the weaker-than-Sandy nor'easter that's brewing off the East Coast
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