What the #OccupyMaine and #OccupyBangor folk have to say about messaging

The OccupyBangor Facebook page has a couple really interesting posts aimed at those who criticize the Occupy movement for its leaderless nature, and/or are unclear about its message. While everyone involved in the Occupy movement accepts that everyone has different reasons (or at least different priorities of reasons) for participating, these are good primers that will give you a good introduction into the thought processes and mindsets of many of the Occupy folks I've spoken with.

Earlier today, Demi Colby (who has been very involved in a number of aspects of OccupyMaine) posted this:

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions; These movements (occupations) are examples of what a TRANSPARENT Gov. should look like, every one has an equal voice and equal chance at involvement etc. Also why is this a leaderless movement? Everyone has empowerment, and there's no one to assassinate in order to quell the movement. Also why does it seem like there is no set "Goal"? This ensures the movement cannot be hijacked by the "Left" or "right", this movement is up and down.

And then later, the OccupyBangor account itself posted this:

So many are confused about the Occupy Movement, and media corporations are not accurately reporting the desires of the movement, so please take a moment to read this.
The Occupy Movement wants:
• Corporate “personhood” to end
• Remove the income tax and social security tax caps – persons making $1Million, $5Million or $5 Billion pay the same amount of taxes as the top capped income (about $250K for income tax caps and somewhere a bit more than $100K for social security caps).
• New protections in place for consumers (such as: REINSTATE Glass Steagal)
• Stop allowing Congressmen and Senate members from being able to constantly be able to increase their own salaries (which are unregulated!) – And reduce the lengths of “breaks” between sessions.
• Civil Rights and Protections for ALL including LGBTQs – where in 23 states, it is LEGAL to fire and not hire or promote someone based on their sexual orientation or gender expression.
• Repeal the “Defense of Marriage Act”.
• Invest more in renewable energy (especially in the science of extracting oil from algae which burns cleaner, is MUCH cheaper to produce than oil, can be grown and manufactured ANYWHERE, and absorbs the most amount of CO2 of anything on Earth so it can beneficial for the environment – can actually almost completely balance out the amount of CO2 emitted when burned and when made into Biodiesels can be used in existing diesel vehicles).
• PAY for the investments in renewable and sustainable energies by ENDING Oil and Natural Gas tax loopholes and subsidies (because these companies and corporations CAN afford to pay taxes on their astronomical annual profits).
• Prosecute banks and lenders who practice unethical lending practices and illegal foreclosure procedures – and have a system in place that monitors this to protect homeowners.
• Make Lobbying (as we know it today) of our Senators and Congressmen ILLEGAL.

This may not be a complete list, but it is the majority of what we are fighting for. Please educate yourself and others to end the "mass confusion" the media portrays.



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