Moronic PETA activists strip naked, clown about a serious issue

I'm no fan of animal cruelty. Which is why I hate PETA. They're unduly cruel and ridiculous to their fellow animals (the human kind) in the name of a good and admirable cause.

Today, for example, a group of PETA activists will get naked (nearly - in their underwear) in Monument Square, to make the point that they'd rather be naked than wear fur.

Fine by me if they feel that way - just please don't parade your naked bodies in front of me - especially not to convince me of something I already believe.

Honestly, who in Portland wears fur? Do we really need some sort of ridiculous clown show to "raise awareness" about how bad it is to do something we're not doing? About something 99 percent of us think is cruel - and the other 1 percent doesn't, because they personally shot, killed, skinned, cured, cut, and sewed their own fur garments from a wild Maine creature they also ate the meat of and carved beautiful crafts from the bones of?

And it's not like going naked in Portland is an option, either - it's too fucking cold most of the time.

Who are these idiots, and why are they e-mailing me and calling me and wasting my time - and the time of the news media around the city - with this stupid circus show that will have no measureable effect on anything at all? I mean sure, it's Maine, so we're inclined to take any damn peep show we're offered, but this is fucking foolishness.

If PETA really cared about animal cruelty, they'd do things that caused people to take them seriously, and not make clowns of themselves publicly in places where everyone agrees with them anyway.

As it is, they're probably psyched I posted a blog mentioning them, despite that I'm telling everyone to pay PETA no attention now or in the future - and I promise never to blog about those morons again.

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