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I caught up via email with Laura and Nate, friends who met on North Haven last year. She's 26, he's 25, and they've started a blog, ForeFront Fashion, where they'll document Portland's street styles for the world to see (hopefully). Here, we talk about Bean boots, functional style, singledom, and getting up early. 

PHX: What drew you to fashion/style writing/picture-taking?

Laura: I'm not really drawn to fashion writing as much as I am to fashion in general. I'm inspired by street style because I find it to be more accessible than a lot of the fashion magazines and websites out there. I wanted to start a street style blog to showcase the individuals of Maine...moreso than to try and make it about us being a fashion capital, because I don't really think Mainers are about being super fashionable, they're about being authentic in their own styles.

Nate: I grew up with a very fashionable mother - who has a lot of ties to the Portland fashion scene, so I was pleasantly surprised when Laura proposed her plans for our own blog. 


PHX: How would you describe your personal styles?

Laura: It has changed a lot. I am less obsessed with being on-trend and more about classic styles and investing in quality pieces. I will say that I like "high" fashion - meaning high hemlines and high waisted anything. I also have trouble turning down gold accessories, vintage tweeds and buttery leather satchels.

Nate: Functional, mostly. After spending the last few years working on a commercial fishing boat in mid-coast Maine I can't help but break out the Grundens jacket on a rainy day. I love my Bean boots and Levis. 

Laura: I love how guys dress in Maine. They are so functional but it looks so good!


PHX: What's your must-have item for Fall?

Laura: The new black Bean boots from the Signature line. I'd also like a pair of leather shorts and lots of flannel shirts, though I'll probably just steal my boyfriend's. I may also invest in flannel-lined jeans since I fear a harsh Maine winter this year.

Nate: A woman. Also I need a new pair of Bean boots, and I want a nice wool jacket.

Laura: He's not kidding about the woman thing. 


PHX: Are there certain themes that define Portland/Maine style?

Laura: Before I came to Maine I thought everyone would have on buffalo plaids and there is some truth to that. There is a classic New England sensibility among Mainers. But I think in Portland specifically, there's so many transplants that the style has become very diverse. 

Nate: Laura is right. Its interesting to walk down Commercial Street during any season. On the one hand you have fisherman coming straight off the boat in their oil skins, but you also have stores like Chantal's popping up. I think a lot of Portlanders have found a happy middle ground.


PHX: What are your long-term goals for the blog?

Laura: I'd like people to read it! I think every awesome city has a street style blog and Portland deserved one too. I'm excited about our Shop Talk series because I love talking to small business owners and getting their feedback on Maine style. I want the blog to continue to profile store fronts but also any individuals that are artisans or designers that want people to know about them! I have discovered so many awesome people that I can't wait to write about - just through other shopkeepers and designers in town. I'd also like to capture more of the fishermen style but we have yet to be able to wake up early enough to get some snapshots of them. I guess that one's a short-term goal.

Nate: (I think I've been up early enough!) But I agree with Laura, definitely focusing on a lot of the great stores in town. I'd also like to see us spread out beyond Portland. I think some other towns a long the coast have a lot to offer, and for out-of-state readers (which we are hoping for a lot of) I think it would be could for them to get a larger picture of the Maine scene.

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