Will this draw the crowds?

Linda Bean's "Perfect Maine Lobster Roll" restaurant has been empty every time I've gone past it since it opened a few months back.

Now, the business - not exactly what we would call known for being a sports bar - is the "official US Soccer bar" in Portland for the 2010 World Cup.

Will the fans come for the promos, or have they already staked out their seats at Binga's Stadium

Here's the press release...

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  Contact: Alan A. Casucci


Thought For Food














Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine™ Lobster Roll Chosen as the Official                                                               U.S. World Cup Soccer Bar in Portland


U.S. Soccer Federation Names Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine™ Lobster Roll the official                                                      U.S. Soccer Bar for the 2010 FIFA World Cup


. Portland, ME – May 18, 2010 – Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine™ Lobster Roll has been chosen as the official U.S. FIFA World Cup Bar in Portland, Maine. 32 teams from around the world will be competing from June 11th to July 11th to see who can capture the FIFA World Cup Trophy. The World Cup is played every four years and is regarded as the largest sporting event in the world. Italy will be defending their 2006 FIFA World Cup Championship. Come enjoy your favorite lobster dish and refreshing drink and let the games begin.


Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine™ Lobster Roll invites soccer fans of all ages to watch the FIFA World Cup action at our unique full service bar in the heart of Portland’s Old Port. Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine offers fans the ultimate game watching experience including a special FIFA World Cup breakfast menu for all games played at 7:00 AM and 9:30 AM and incredible drink specials to match. Watch the FIFA World Cup games on our large screen HDTV’s.  Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine will also be offering a daily lunch special for all FIFA World Cup Games that are played at 2:00 PM.


Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine™ Lobster Roll will also be giving away “FREE” Budweiser World Cup Soccer Shirts and Soccer Balls during all game days. Don’t miss out!


Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine™ Lobster Roll will be offering different game day beer and drink specials during the first round of the FIFA World Cup. Beer and drink specials for round one include:


  • 6/11  - $2.00 Corona & $5.00 Golden Margarita
  • 6/12  - $2.50 Shipyard & $1.50 Budlight & Budweiser draft pints
  • 6/13  - $3.00 Foster’s Oil Cans (25oz.) & $2.00 St. Pauli Girl
  • 6/14  - $2.00 Heineken & Amstel Light
  • 6/15  - $2.00 Red Stripe
  • 6/16  - $2.50 Allagash White Ale
  • 6/17  - $2.00 Corona & $5.00 Golden Margarita
  • 6/18  - $2.50 Shipyard & $1.50 Budlight & Budweiser draft pints
  • 6/19  - $3.00 Foster’s Oil Cans (25oz.) & $2.00 St. Pauli Girl
  • 6/20  - $2.00 Red Stripe
  • 6/21  - $2.50 Allagash White Ale
  • 6/22  - $2.00 Corona & $5.00 Golden Margarita
  • 6/23  - $2.50 Shipyard & $1.50 Budlight & Budweiser draft pints
  • 6/24  - $2.00 Heineken & Amstel Light
  • 6/25  - $2.00 Drafts All Day! - End of FIFA World Cup First Round


Try Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine™ Lobster Roll’s new hot drink “THE SPICY LARRY” served with a succulent fresh lobster claw! The Spicy Larry (Linda’s rendition of a Bloody Mary) will be served all morning during the FIFA World Cup Soccer Games for $5.00.


In celebration of the FIFA World Cup…Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine™ Lobster Roll will also be offering $1.50 Budlight and Budweiser draft pints during every FIFA World Cup Game!


Go U.S.A.!


The U.S. National team led by Head Coach, Bob Bradley and Captain Carlos Manuel Bocanegra open play on Saturday, June 12th, at 2:00 PM against England. The United States will also play on Friday, June 18th against Slovenia at 9:30 AM and Wednesday, June 23rd at 9:30 AM. Make sure you catch all the action at Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine Lobster Roll…the official U.S. Soccer bar of Portland.



Founded in 1913, U.S. Soccer has helped chart the course for soccer in the USA for more than 95 years as the governing body of the sport. In this time, the Federation’s mission statement has been clear and simple: to make soccer, in all its forms, a pre-eminent sport in the United States and to continue the development of soccer at all recreational and competitive levels. To that end, the sport’s growth in the past two decades has been nothing short of remarkable as U.S. Soccer’s National Teams have continually succeeded on the world stage while also growing the game here in the United States with the support of its members.

About Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine™                                                                


Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine™ brand is Linda’s own vision of how to present Maine’s natural resource products in a whole new light for today’s markets that demand sustainable harvest practices and traceability to the source. Currently her product line includes shippable live native lobster wild caught off midcoast Maine where the currents, water temperature, and rocky bottoms combine to elevate the quality to its highest level; also carefully processed soft shell lobster, keeping it in Maine instead of sending it to Canada for processing. Linda produces succulent bulk cooked lobster meat for catering and restaurant use.  Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine™ products are being positioned for green and sustainable markets nationwide, including supermarkets, club stores, national restaurant chains and independent restaurants. For contact information regarding Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine™ brand, go to




Alan A. Casucci


Thought  For Food, LLC


Office: 508-251-0951

Cell: 508-560-1231


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