It's not over yet (Restaurant Week, that is)

There's still time - Restaurant Week doesn't end until tomorrow night. (And the stuff diners found out about restaurants around the city will last for much longer than the tasty meals did!) The budget didn't allow a ton of sampling, but we did make it to the Cockeyed Gull out on Peaks Island, and we took a second trip to Pepperclub with some friends.

Out on Peaks, the Gull has a $20 special that is really great - even if it's more like $24.50 if you include the ferry ticket. Several choices of apps - the scallops were perfectly done (I love scallops!) and the crab cake had just the right amount of bread to keep it together, without overwhelming the crab.

The roast chicken breast was delightfully moist - which is hard to do with a piece of meat as thick as that one was - and the hanger steak tips with horseradish sauce were melt-in-your-mouth gorgeous. The veggie side was well done, with the sweetness of the red peppers offsetting the slight bitterness of the bok choy.

And dessert was, of course, more chocolate - four truffles went down smooth as silk. My wife opted for the Key lime pie, which was more a lime pie without the mildness of the Key subvariety, but was still tasty.

The beer selection is a bit wanting - nothing on tap, and an eclectic choice in bottles - but the wine list is stronger, and has more adventurous stuff as well as more-standard choices.

Back at Pepperclub, the place was hopping - a great sign, since I've never been in there with more than about 10 others, until last night.

I picked the crabmeat-stuffed haddock (which I'd chosen against when I had the scallops last week), and those at our table also got the stuffed shells and the tempeh cakes. (Apps were soup and brie.) I dare say our first foray was better - and I should have ordered the scallops. I do dislike it when something labeled "stuffed" merely has the should-be-inside substance on top. (I don't mind if it's also on top, as a sort of garnish - but if it's not stuffed, don't say it is.) The other choices were solid Pepperclub fare, with the stuffed shells pretty heavy on the beans, but sadly nothing as super-enjoyable as our first visit. (Serves us right for choosing different options!)

That said, the fish was tender, and the side salad was reliable as ever. On the dessert side, the chocolate cheesecake was again a winner. (I think someone got one of the fruity pies, which are also really good, but have no chocolate in them and therefore are DQd in my book...)

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